100 WC #1

Once upon a time, there was a lego man. He wanted to turn into a real man but the potion was in Unicorn Island so he invited his ladybug friends to go on a mission with him. The lego man grabbed his map and led the way to their destination. They followed the course and along the way, they met a nice frog. Her name was Rebecca. However, she accidentally ate one of the ladybugs. Lego man was in great despair but they had to keep going. They finally arrived in Unicorn Island and he successfully turned into a man.

Who I Am

  1. I love music. Especially K-pop.
  2. My favorite color is purple. I also like green and blue.
  3. I have four chihuahuas. Honey, David, Annie, and Logan.
  4. I am in 7th grade.
  5. I like to be very neat and organized. However, I can be messy at times.
  6. Words that describe me are quirky, awkward, and caring.
  7. I love animals. My favorite animals are dogs, penguins, giraffes, and horses.
  8. Even though I like all subjects, math is my favorite one.
  9. I love traveling with my family.
  10. My favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars.                          This is Logan. <3

Week 28

I was strolling through the park when I saw this weird statue. At first I was confused because I couldn’t decode what type of statue it was. I further investigated it. Then I saw it. The statue resembled legs. It was a very peculiar statue to have in the park. I then began to wonder what happened to it’s body. Why was there only legs? What about it’s abdomen? What about it’s head? I wonder who created this and where they got their inspiration. I took a picture of the statue. I will never forget this day at the park.

Week 26

Once upon a time there was a baby unicorn. Her name was Glitter. Glitter was a very unique unicorn. Glitter had a shiny purple mane which none of the normal unicorns had. She often was excluded because some unicorns were jealous of her beautiful hair. She showed perseverance though. One day when she was a tiny little unicorn, a very mean, hopeless unicorn with yellowthin, and dull hair was bullying her. The mean, jealous unicorn threatened to cut off Glitter’s hair. Glitter began to panic and quickly ran away from the despicable unicorn all the way to her house.

100 WC Week 18

” MOM! MOM! MOM!” Bag said.

” What?” MOM replied.

” We should definetly go to the store in space that sells unicorns. PLEASE!” Bag pleaded.

” Hmmm. Maybe, but if you want to go you have to get good grades.” J-Hope stated.

” I PROMISE I WILL STUDY VERY HARD!” Bag overexcitedly yelled.

The family waited over a few months to see if what Bag had promised would actually happen.


” Guess what. WE ARE GOING TO SPACE!” MOM yelled.

” REALLY! Thank you.”

The family hired a veteran astronaut to guide them to space and once they arrived they had a good time.


Blanca’s Dream

Why can’t a women be president?

Why do men get treated better than women?

Women and men were all created by God,

So why are we treated differently?

I think every single person on

This Earth should be treated fairly

No matter what!

We are all humans aren’t we?

We should all be treated


100 WC Week 13

“Look Blanca!” Hannah exclaimed.

I replied, “ Let’s go inside.”

Hannah and I went inside and found a comfy spot in the cave that was decorated. We saw a tiger blanket, a tiger pillow, a tiger lamp, and a tiger couch. We further explored the cave and found a nice-looking family of tigers.

“Hello!” the tiger greeted.

“You can talk?” Hannah asked.

“ Yes. Would you like to stay for some tea?” the tiger offered.

“No thank you,” I rejected the offer.

   We were about to leave until the tiger was blocking our escape. That was when our lives had sadly ended.

100 WC

hurried to go see my friend Hannah perform a song so I only ate a sandwich. When I got to her performance I helped her get ready but then she started freaking out because her microphone was missing a battery. Luckily, I had one in my purse. It was time for Hannah to perform and she did great. Her performance was very energetic and at the end there were white fireworks. I congratulated her then we went to go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. After we ate we ran into Josh Hutcherson. It was a really weird.

100 Word Challenge

   It was a few days until Christmas and everyone was out buying presents. I went with my mom to buy Christmas presents but all the stores were hectic. I went from store to store trying to find the perfect present for my grandmother. I gave up and told my mom to take me back home I watched how crowded the streets were in New York City. As I passed I saw many people running with bags of presents in their hands. That’s when I got the idea to make my grandmother a bracelet myself and she loved her thoughtful present.

100 Word Challenge-Week 8

On Friday, my family and I celebrated the 4th of July. We went swimming and came back home to make food. After that, we saw white fireworks in the beautiful night sky. We made a campfire and just stared at the lively flame. Then, we started to make s’mores. Tommorow we decided to continue the celebration and had a water balloon fight. It was really fun. We went to the movie theater and watched a movie. We then went to the park. We had BBQ. I will remember these two days as one of my best memories with my family.